Our Team & Certifications

Alexandru Farcas

Owner / Head Technician

Alex has been fixing and repairing Apple computers and devices for over 13 years, beginning in his native home country of Romania at the early age of just 15 years old. After working for himself in the United States over the last several years, he is proud to bring his professional repair experience to the city of Boca Raton, FL, with the opening of his first retail storefront location. Alex currently holds 2 Apple Certifications.

Jennifer Statler

Office Manager / Receptionist

Jennifer is a new addition to our company, with a very important role. Most likely, when you are greeted on the phone, or in person at CompuVana, it will most likely be her voice and face that you will hear and see first. Jennifer handles all of the front office tasks including customer reception, appointment scheduling, customer checkout and even basic Apple troubleshooting.

We’d love to have you on our team.