Monthly Apple Computer Maintenance Plans

Our Monthly Apple Computer Remote Login Maintenance Plan is a once a month maintenance service where one of our Apple Certified Technicians logs into yourApple iMac or MacBook computer, and performs several scans and maintenance tasks to keep it running fast and clean. Now days, there are so many scams out there, and even though Apple computers to this day still don’t really get viruses, they do get infected with malicious software programs like MacKeeper and the like. These programs not only lie to you and show you fake error results to scare you into buying their bad software, but this software also really just slows down your Mac.

Well, our technicians are pros at recognizing issues like these. When we run our monthly scans and notice anything like this, we remove it ourselves. This is a great service to know that you always have your very own Apple Certified Technician watching over you.

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