“iFix” Stores & Apple Computer Repairs. Should You?

“iFix” Stores & Apple Computer Repairs. Should You?

The iPhone repair industry has exploded in the last 7 years, and that means that you as a consumer have a lot of options. But how do you choose who to trust with your expensive Apple computer repairs?

Most “iFix” repair stores focus on smartphone repairs of all kinds. Not us.

CompuVana is an Apple based support company. That means that we only work on and repair Apple products. While there is nothing wrong with all of the other stores choosing to repair any and all types of smartphones, we choose to stay focused on a few certain products.

Do your research the it comes to trusting “iFix” smartphone repair stores with your Apple computer repairs.

We have seen a lot of Apple computers come to us to be repaired FROM many of these smartphone repair stores. And although you would think that these technicians should have enough repair experience to handle just about any repair on computers and devices. Well some may, but most cannot. We have even been told  that many of these stores will either send the repair out to another store to be repaired, and then collect the money from the customer, or they may even attempt the repair, THEN ship it out to repair their mistake, and then pass it back off to the customer.

Computer repairs shouldn’t take that long.

In these instances we have heard nightmare stories of computers being on the repair process for weeks on end. And this is a sign. If you ever bring your computer in to a repair store and your computer is gone for more than a week at the maximum, you should be asking questions. The only time a computer should be in repair for that long is if a part needs to be ordered to complete the repair (like a logic board, a special cable or an LCD assembly). Most computer repairs like hard drive repairs, cracked glass screen repairs, RAM upgrades, etc. should not take more than 3 days maximum, and that is if there is a backlog of repairs on the bench at that company.

Do you want a smartphone technician repairing your Apple computer, or an Apple Certified Technician…..

Many technicians in the “iFix” industry are capable of repairing Apple computers, but they fix all kinds of electronic devices. From TV’s, to game consoles, to toasters, to vacuum cleaners and other home appliances. And most companies fix every type and brand of smartphone. And that’s great for them, but for us, we just feel that we can do an even better job by knowing Apple products inside and out better than any other company.

Their industry, and OUR industry.

We don’t consider our company CompuVana to be classified as being in the “repair industry”. Our industry would be better categorized as the “Apple Repair & Support Industry”. CompuVanadoes  so much more than repair iPhones, although it is one of our more popular services. many of the other services that we offer have nothing to do with the repair industry. We give personal one-on-one lessons in a quiet, controlled environment in our store on Apple computers, iPad and iPhone. We also come to our customers home for lessons and consulting, computer setup, wireless network setup, wireless printer setup, and even help with Comcast Xfinity installations. Yes, our clients often hire us to make sure the Comcast technicians do their job properly. We also sell gently used Apple computers, we offer remote Apple computer support and remote login help and support too.

Same day service, most of the time.

Most of the time when it comes to a computer repair, we can have it back to you the same day, if not the next. The only caveat to this would be when we have to transfer data. If you have a lot of data, or if you have a failing hard drive that we are trying to get your data from, that would be the one thing that we cannot estimate or control. But as far as hard drive repairs go, we can usually get it completed the same day.

Your number one Apple Store alternative.

We love Apple Inc. We want to hopefully work even closer with them in the future. But if you don’t want the headache or the stress or the wait times of the Apple Store in the Boca Raton Town Center Mall, give us a call or stop by first. Most of the time we can handle your repair in a much more timely manner. But if you are with your warranty, we will still refer you to the Apple store for your repair. After all, what are warranties for?

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