Grand Opening

June 1st 2018

Grand Opening

Hello Boca Raton, FL!


We would like to make our neighbors and our new surrounding community aware of who we are and also announce to you all that  our new Apple repair company, CompuVana, in Boca Raton, FL in the Glades Plaza is now open!

What Is CompuVana?

CompuVana is an Apple computer & device repair company like none other. While there are many cell phone & electronics repair stores that will fix any type of phone, game console, TV or toaster, CompuVana separates itself from those companies in 2 ways. The first difference is that we are not an electronics repair store. We are an Apple Computer & device repair company. You see, we only work on Apple products, and we feel like that makes us the very best at what we do. Another reason why we are different is because we require all of our Apple technicians to be Apple Certified before they are given the right to repair our customers expensive computers and devices like iPhones, iPads, iMac computers and Apple MacBook Computers.

Apple Certified Technicians?

Yep. We feel that our customers should know that we care about them and their very valuable, expensive products. So we went one step further than most repair companies, and decided to make it a requirement that all of our technicians become Apple Certified Technicians to work within the CompuVana business model. We just care that much.

Where are you located?

Our new location is situated in the Glades Plaza on Glades Road, jest east of I-95, and on the same side of the road as the Boca Town Center Mall. The most well known landmark in the area would be the Starbucks that is in our parking lot, as well as Abe & Louie’s & Square One restaurant. Our plaza is in between Renaissance Way & Butts Rd. Yes. Butts Rd. (We know.)

And we are the closest Apple repair company to the Apple Store in the Town Center Mall in Boca Raton. We are essentially right across the street from the mall.

Why go to CompuVana instead of the Apple Store?

Reason #1: Almost never a wait in our store.

If you need a repair done quickly, and don’t want to wait hours or even days for an appointment, you’ll be amazed at our turn around times. iPhone’s repaired within 30 minutes. iPads repaired the same day. Even Apple computer hard drive repairs on the same day.

Reason #2: We give one-on-one lessons tailored to your needs. They don’t.

At the Apple Store, if you need lessons, your only option currently, is to be a part of a group class. And the problem with this is that, when an advanced Apple user asks an advanced question, it takes away from everyone else’s time because it is not relevant to them. And vice versa. If a basic, beginner Apple user asks a beginner question, it takes away from the more advanced users time, and overall, this is what we believe to be a bad user experience.

With our personal one-on-one lessons, we have had nothing but rave reviews over the years. It’s just a better overall user experience. Call or stop in and give us a try!

When and why you should go to the Apple Store instead of our store, CompuVana.

One thing that we are not able to support at our company, would be Apple Products that are still in warranty with Apple. Although we will be happy to repair those items for you, (and many choose to have us do it because of the wait time for repairs at the Apple Store), we actually recommend and refer all of our clients and customers to make an appointment with the Apple Store in the Town Center Mall in Boca Raton, and allow them to complete the in warranty repair process for that product.

If you choose to allow us to perform an in warranty repair that we are not authorized to repair, than you may risk voiding your warranty with Apple. Please call us to check before allowing us to repair your computer or device. We will be happy to check your Apple warranty status for free.

About Compuvana

We are an independently owned local business that employs Apple Certified Technicians, with the highest standards in our industry.

Boca Raton, FL Location

2200 Glades Rd, Unit 506, Boca Raton, FL 33431


Store Hours
Mon - Fri: 9am - 6pm
Saturday: 10am - 6pm
Sunday: Closed