CompuVana is NOT an iPhone Repair Store

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CompuVana is NOT an iPhone Repair Store

There are iPhone repair stores, and then there is CompuVana.

What Do You Mean? What’s The Difference?

CompuVana is much much more than an iPhone repair store. Our business model has always been based around repair and support for all Apple products. Our company doesn’t just fix iPhones and iPads. And we don’t just “fix” computers and devices at our company. We do so many more things than your typical iPhone repair store, and we are one of the only Apple computer & device repair companies that requires all of our technicians to hold at least one Apple Certification. Because when customers are handing you a computer or device that is worth hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, we want them to know that we have standards, and care enough to at least prove that we have put forth the effort to educate ourselves and our Apple repair technicians.

How do you differ from the “typical” iPhone “fix” or “repair” store?

Our company is much better to be categorized as an “Apple Computer & Device Repair Company”, not an iPhone repair store. The reason for this is because, over the years, we have seen the iPhone repair industry change dramatically from 9 years ago when we began repairing iPhones, and we have chosen to distance our company from that genre. In fact, we see the word “fix” as a dirty word in our industry these days.

The world of iPhone repair before YouTube.

Back in 2010 when we started repairing our first iPhones, technicians like ourselves were respected, and almost held to a respect level compared to that as an educated doctor, which is strange to say, but true. And the reason for that is because no one could repair these fragile, expensive devices. There were no videos on YouTube on iPhone repair. It was all trial and error. When you broke something during the repair, you had to apologize profusely to the customer, admit your mistake, and order a new part, or even buy them a brand new iPhone in a few isolated cases. (Yes. That happened.) That was the only way to learn. There were no online tutorials what-so-ever. So as an iPhone repair technician you had to put your own time, stress and money into these repairs.

The world of iPhone repair after YouTube.

Now let’s fast forward to around 2014. Suddenly, iPhone repair videos were everywhere on YouTube. And these videos made iPhone repairs look easy to do. However, they still weren’t all that easy. The reason we know this is because we had many customers bring in iPhones that were in pieces from them attempting the repair while watching YouTube. But what happened around 2014 with the repair videos surfacing on sites like YouTube, is that suddenly, tiny iPhone repair stores started popping up all around us. Many of the people that viewed these videos decided that they too would become an iPhone repair technician. However, from our point of view, and after repairing many of the iPhones that came from those technicians because of their mistakes in the repair process, we noticed a different level of repair standards and replacement part quality coming from these stores and technicians.

CompuVana views the word “fix” as a dirty word? Why?

We soon noticed that these stores and technicians were using the cheapest parts available. And the problem with this is that the failure rate is exponentially higher. And with the high failure rates of these cheap parts, that means that the customer experience was not good. We also noticed that, after re-repairing iPhones that came to us from these other stores, these technicians were either not putting all of the internal screws back where they belonged, or were putting them in the wrong place, which was causing electronic short outs, and pressure damage spots in the LCD’s of the replacement iPhone screens.

What we’ve heard…….

Next we noticed a trend in the names of these “iPhone repair stores”. We noticed that almost ALL of them had the word “Fix” in the name or title. And after talking to customers over the years who had done business with several of these stores, we heard the following feedback on their experiences:

  • Store was small, dark and dirty.
  • Store was in a “shady” or low rent plaza or location to save money.
  • Store decor was out of date.
  • Store decor was rough looking. (Cracked floor tiles, dead light bulbs or lighting, chipped counter tops at reception, etc…)
  • Store smelled musty or bad.
  • Quality of parts was sub par.
  • No certified technicians on staff.
  • No Apple certified technicians, or fake, made up certifications like “Certified Mobile Repair Technician”.
  • Time & length of repair took days, weeks, or device was lost.
  • Customer was given the runaround on why the repair was taking so long. (This was usually because the store sent the iPhone out to another store to be repaired because they could not do it properly, or they damaged it further during the repair process.
  • Technicians were rude.
  • Technicians blamed the customer for damage that the technician caused himself during the repair.
  • Technicians told the customer “too bad” after technicians damage the customers device.
  • Technicians told the customer “too bad” when the customers part malfunctioned or failed.
  • Low or no standards customer care or accountability.
So that’s why “fix” is a dirty word to us.

The word “Fix” is a dirty word to us because of the reputation that it now has in our industry, in our opinion. We have been in, and seen too many stores with the word “fix” in the name, that just were not all that inviting when we walked in. And if you take into account the hundreds of stories that we have heard about these companies in general, we just feel that the word “fix” has been overused, and that it’s overall reputation and meaning has lost it’s value.

We’d like to say that there are a couple of companies with the word “fix” in the name, who’s work we have seen, that do great work and have standards and care about their work. But it is very few and far between. We actually refer our customers who have Android phones to these companies as an alternative.

Mobile repair technicians & businesses seemed to have the same low standards & negative reputation as well.

What is “Mobile Repair”? Mobile repair technicians are people who don’t have an actual office or storefront that they conduct business in. The “come to you” by driving to your location and performing the repair in front of you, in their car or truck, or in another nearby location. They run their business by advertising on sites like Craigslist, Facebook and other sites like this.

Now we’d like to state that we are not trying to bad talk all mobile repair businesses. We are sure that there are some very capable, moral in tact technicians in the industry, but from the feedback that we have gotten back from the our customers over the years, have also talked to us about their experiences with mobile repair technicians and businesses. Their opinions with this mobile repair business model was that they did not feel as if there was any accountability with mobile repairs. Many stated that after their part failed, the mobil technician would either not call them back, would give them the run-around, or would just go out of business or disappear off of the face of the earth.

What does CompuVana mean, and how we came up with the name.

The name CompuVana is a derivitive of the words Computer & Nirvana. Compu, for computer. Vana for Nirvana.

Most people know the word Nirvana from one of the most influential grunge / alternative rock bands of the 1990’s. But the actual meaning of the word Nirvana is “a state of perfect happiness; an ideal or idyllic place. A heaven-like place.”

And that’s what CompuVana is. An all Apple repair company where you can let all of your worries go. You can trust us with all of your Apple products and repairs. Come check us out!

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